Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Persephone Collection



THE PERSEPHONE COLLECTION - My Spring and Summer color collection is now mostly out! (By mostly, meaning I still have to upload the hairchains, the bracelets, the long necklaces and rings - but the key collection is released!)

The Persephone Collection is my second officially released collection. Urban Nomad is my unofficial second collection (in creation terms) but it is SO BIG that I actually feel pretty intimidated to upload it all. I will do so in the coming months though as I have more time. 

It seems SO WEIRD to have jumped from Nocturna Collection to Persephone Collection when in reality I had A LOT of time to figure out transitioning away from monotones, to the exciting neutrals and duller colors of Urban Nomad, to where I am now with the Persephone Collection. This little technical gap bothers me and probably leaves my potential stockists' rubbing their heads. I'm sorry, guys!

I had A LOT of fun playing with colors and rediscovering it. Personally, I have always been good at it due to a childhood background in watercolor painting. But, I gave it up a long time ago in favor of academics under extreme parental pressures (something I still regret to this day). But, to finally get to pick something like contrasting and complimenting colors was quite fun. The results are unconventional (for me personally) and the style is refreshingly modern with a slight nouveux-tribal-meets-luxe-boho kind of aesthetic. 

I have posted the collection on my COVEN ETSY and everything has FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Also, there is a SALE of 10% the whole shop if you use PERSEPHONE10 when you check out. 

You may be asking why I decided to go with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING no matter what. Honestly, as a customer I am an avid online shopper. But, I hate adding things to my shopping cart then later seeing the shipping's discouraging and a little annoying sometimes. I've adopted a policy to just to incur most of the shipping costs myself to save my customers from that same issue. Yeah, it annoys me THAT much. 

Anyways, no more shop talk. Go look at the collection below!

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