Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Published in Auxiliary and Other News!

I have been really busy the past few months. I just ended my internship with Jenny Bird and started full-time University today (which I did not attend because I am deathly sick). One of the highlights of the past month was that I was published in the August-September issue of Auxiliary Magazine alongside a number of my fashion designer friends and acquaintances. Notably: Nordem Hirst by my friend, Kallvis, Dylan of DylaniumKnits, WES MiSENER, and Handsome & Lace. We are all local Toronto designers and it feels great to be featured all together so cohesively. Special thanks to Stylist and Auxiliary Fashion Editor, Tasha Farrington for pulling me for this gorgeous editorial. You can view the entire digital edition of the issue HERE.

That aside, I have been really sick again. My time seems to be segmented by my lack of an immune system. I have a terrible summer cold. WHO gets a damn summer cold twice? Apparently, me. It makes me worried how winter will be panning out for me.

My COVEN Fall-Winter 2012 Collection will be up in approximately ONE AND A HALF TO TWO WEEKS. Mark you calendars, because it screams UNISEX pieces, death, and leather. I really love love this collection. It represents entirely where I am in my personal fashion right now. I won't lie. I have been buying so many leather pieces for myself the coming months to prepare for a dreary Fall-Winter time at University.

Wonder what you are in for? Take a peek at some of the Collection! And, most pieces also come in white.