Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bazzar of the Bizarre Aftermath

The Bazaar of the Bizarre was pretty awesome for my last show of the year. My friends, Dylan of DylaniumKnits, Emily of WOUDENBERG, and Chu + Cindy of Morico were selling there with me!

It gave me a chance to showcase some of my newer pieces. For example, these are my upcycled leather necklaces (that I just dropped off to Hells Belles at Queen- Spadina!). They come in a number of shapes, sizes, and leathers. The focus of these pieces is minimalism, geometry, simplicity, and impact. Here are half-circle pieces and ALL printed ones are totally reversible for TWO looks in ONE necklace. Nifty.

I also visited City of Craft! I met a really cool artist, Stephanie G. who makes the coolest stamps. I commissioned her for a COVEN one and she was done in TWO DAYS. Ahhh-mazing! It looks really cool. Here's a picture of it in it's packaging!

Also, made a TON of new earrings out of my Italian leather. :) Still focused on geometry and minimalism.

A shot of my table at Bazaar of the Bizarre. I was exactly in FRONT of the entrance to the room. Luck has been on my side this year at shows because I've had the best spots in the shows I have done so far!

Brought my Mom's knitted lucky cactus as a table adornment. I like how she looks like she is waving at me. She's settled beside one of my bust form mannequins.

The Bazaar of the Bizarre also had a girl in festive gear on stilts walking around with a candy cane.

I got a cool bracelet from Dylan made from natural crochet leather!

And, finally on an unrelated note the coolest fucking shoes I have ever seen and will buy for a staggering $457. Oh god.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bazaar of the Bizarre and some Cat Hatssss!

I am terrible at blogging consistently.

Well, anything that is not micro-blogging. You can find me on Twitter ranting under @Quaintrella or for strictly business @CovenSK. For the more visually stimulated I update my Instagram quite often. If you don't mind headshots of my new hairstyle follow me there. Always updating with my newest prototype pieces that I have made before doing the math to see if it's financially and supply feasible. 

I'm currently in a dreadful exam week...

So, great news! Many of those close to me know that I don't do many art of craft shows. I do conventions strictly for business because the amount of money I can pull in makes me weep at how hard I work at my part-time job. I've overcome my fear of publicly selling in the past couple of years and I am a completely different person at giant conventions. I love how fast-paced, energized, and frantic it can be. I also love seeing people in cosplay and superhero costumes. 

But art show and craft shows are at a slower pace. It's almost intimidating for me...but I am doing the Bazaar of the Bizarre on December 15th and my fellow jewelry and clothing designer friend, Emily Woudenberg, of WOUDENBERG will be there also! Details in the picture below! I hope you guys can come out and check it out! I will have TONNNNS of new jewelry for both guys and girls!

In other news. I'm going to be graduating in 1.5 years time. But, you know what living so far has taught me? THIS...

I won't be using my degree much. I'm going the entrepreneurial route. I'm not sure if I can take a 9-5 route working for someone else in an office or cubicle. That's what my degree would give me. 

That sad thought aside, I bought some cat hats. The story is that I went to the One of A Kind Show - Christmas Edition last week. It was AH-MAZING! So much variety I just got lost and the food section was so delectable! Unfortunately, I bought nothing but food stuff. You would think I would be throwing my money at all the local designers. Nope, I have gotten a LOT better at controlling my clothing urges. For jewelry I only buy it if it's simply cheaper to buy then make myself OR if I can't make it. It really curbs my spending habits a lot. 

However, I fell for those GORGEOUS cat hat by Lilliput Hats. It was like a Cat bandit hat with eyeholes and a piece of wool felt that was shaped like two triangles for ears. But, it came at a price tag of $150 which is beyond my personal budget for hats. I'm all for supporting local but one has to know where to draw the personal line. I'm currently saving for Trippen shoes from Germany so it would mean a dent in my goal. However, a little online search yielded cat hats! I bought the two following ones below. So cute. I can't wait to get them in the mail.